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Not only do our masks look cool, but they use

patented filter technology from Airveil.  

Built to look awesome and keep out

all the nasty stuff like

bacteria, germs, allergens, pollution, and smog.

it's in the


Inside and out, every detail on happyface masks has undergone years of testing, research, and exploration of the best designs and materials. Our reusable masks use filters with patented AIRVEIL technology.

* Our fabric is 92% Recycled polyester (rPet). We do not want to contribute back to the same problem we're trying to protect against!

* Happyface masks are treated with an all-natural anti-microbial application made from crab or shrimp shells.

*It is the only anti-bacterial bioagent in the world that is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

* Happyface fabric is anti-bacterial, odor resisting, moisture wicking, breathable, fast-drying, anti-static, pill resistant, and sun-protectant UPF 50.

*Keep your skin clean and blemish-free with a Happyface mask. Other kinds of masks absorb oil, dirt, germs, and dead skin cells from your face, on ly to transfer it back to your skin the next time you wear the mask. It's a vicious cycle for blemish-prone skin. Happyface masks can go in your washing machine with any other laundry making your products reusable and eco-friendly.


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Our Masks


Be happy, be healthy, put on a happyface!


Not only do our masks make a statement, but they utilize patented filter technology from AIRVEIL.  


Constructed with technology to look awesome, fit beautifully, and keep out all the nasty stuff like germs, allergens, pollution, and smog. Happyface is a confident, fun, whimsical way to stay healthy!


Happyface masks are machine washable masks with removable filters.


Each mask comes with a free packet of 2 AIRVEIL filters. Simply slide a fresh filter into the lining pocket. AIRVEIL masks are cut specifically to fit Happyface masks. AIRVEIL filters should be replaced approximately once a month with daily usage.

Designed and made in New York City.

Happyface. Breathe Happy.



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